December 27, 2008

"Google masterplanS" of ONE

Filed under: Google — mnalin @ 10:50 am

Are you a Google-enthusiasts who uses everything Google? Within Google, you can use Google Search to search for information, Gmail as your communication tool, YouTube to watch videos, Google Checkout to pay money, Blogger to post you diary online, Docs & Spreadsheets for your documents need, Google Maps to get directions, Google Earth to explore the world, Picasa to organize photos, Google Toolbar for easy access functions, and etc etc etc.

Still trust Google “Don’t be Evil”? The master plan may be speculative, and the privacy consent is unfounded, but the video is nicely done, and present a very simple fact – that the information (websites or web pages) that is been buried by Google, can hardly seen the light. That’s the power of Google.

To Download Google chrome go to http://www.google.com/chrome

Find the 10 feature of chrome check this video

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