March 3, 2009

Feed your Blog with VeriSign Feed manger

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{Manage } {Measure} { Monetize}

Getting Started

You do not have to be a technical wizard to use Feed Manager. Getting started is simple. If you already have an account simply enter your login details to access your feed information. If you are new to the service, sign up for a new account. Once your account is created you can add your existing feeds and immediately start to enjoy the valuable services that Feed Manager has to offer.





Feed Manager, a comprehensive service from VeriSign, allows you to:

  • Monetize your content and blog feeds
  • Manage and configure your feeds for greater flexibility and improved customer experience. Functions include the ability to rename your feed, truncate headlines and administer and apply a consistent style across multiple feeds.
  • Measure traffic generated by your content and blog feeds.

Because Feed Manager gives you a 360 degree view of the traffic generated by your feeds you have a strong foundation from which you can actively drive increased usage and visibility in order to make more money. This completeness of service gives you the confidence that your feeds are working in the smartest, most beneficial way possible.

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March 2, 2009


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jQuery is a fast and lightweight JavaScript that is also CSS3 compliant. It was introduced by John Resig on January 2006. jQuery is free and open source software.

In the jQuery official website, jQuery is expressed as jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.

jQuery emphasizes on the interaction between JavaScript and HTML. JavaScript is a language whereas jQuery is a library written using JavaScript.jQuery resides as a single JavaScript file, containing all the common DOM, Event, Effects, and Ajax functions.

It is compatible with many browsers. The jQuery framework is capable to be extended and very adequately handles DOM (Document Object Model) manipulations, CSS, AJAX, Events and Animations.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have announced plans to bundle jQuery on their platforms, Microsoft will be partnering with the jQuery team and shipping jQuery with Visual Studio in future. Also, jQuery intelligence annotation support will be available as a free web-download. At the same time Nokia will incorporate it into their Web Run-Time platform.

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Another Add revenue from Chitika for Blogger

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chitika200 If you haven’t heard about Chitika yet or if you have not tried it on your blog then you should read this and apply for Chitika program.

Chitika target users from US and Canada only otherwise it will be invisible for users from other countries.

Chitika is one of the good revenue generating program for blogger which you can use along with Google adsense.

Why would I want to run both AdSense and Chitika | Premium together?

There are three main reasons:

  • Increased Revenue – Google AdSense revenue + Chitika revenue is generally much greater than AdSense revenue alone. You can see real publishers’ examples of this here and here.
  • Flexible Integration – If we don’t have a super-targeted ad to show, then we don’t show anything. Yeah, we collapse and the ad disappears (not leaving any blank space). This allows for creative integration on your pages (like between content). This is not something you can do with any other ad units.
  • User Experience – The Chitika | Premium ads do look a lot different from AdSense, and are super-targeted to the exact keywords that the user is searching for. Users love targeted ads.

People who have used Chitika, I have got only positive reviews from them because according to them

Chitika have following advantages :

# High CTR

# Can be use with Adsense

# Target only US/CA users

# High eCPMs

# Chitika targets your Organic traffic.

Since it does not interfere with any of my current monetizing program I will highly recommend Chitika for people who have not used it.

Increase your revenue here http://chitika.com

optimize the Ad senses

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Google ad sense is undoubtedly the best advertisement program and there so many guidelines which needed to be followed when you use Google adsense advertisement program on your website.google-adsense-check-corsarius

First and most important among them is number of maximum ad units you can use on your website:

According to the official Google blog: the maximum number of ad unit that anyone can display on there website are:

  1. One
    video unit (currently only available in specific countries and languages, though we’re working to expand video units to additional publishers soon)
  2. Two
    Ad Sense for search boxes
  3. Three
    standard Ad Sense for content ad units, and
    – 3 link units

Though there are so many options available but I will highly suggest use minimum of ad units or utilize adverts only at the bottom or at the sidebar.

Though right now I’m experimenting with the google adsense and any idea or suggestion regarding the same would be appreciated. Specially with the best ad placement guide.

Social Bookmarking & Search Engines

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Ever heard of social bookmarking?. One of the most important being Backlinks. Potential websites are Digg, Reddit, Mixx ,   Stumbleupon and many more.

There are so many benefits to social bookmarking. Indeed, one of the biggest benefits is traffic. When you create back links from social bookmarking sites, Google gives you what’s called “authority”. It helps differentiate yourself from the others.


Needless to say, this makes your site look important in the eyes of Google and your website is rewarded accordingly. Save some time and use something to automate the process because linking for hours and hours isn’t profitable?

Most people are stingy with their time and would rather use it for other purposes. The only way to really be effective is to submit as many sites as possible.


February 25, 2009

Shortcuts For IE7

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General shortcuts


Turn Full Screen Mode on or off

Cycle through the Address Bar, Refresh button, Search Box, and items on a web page

Find a word or phrase on a page

Open the current webpage in a new window

Print the page

Select all items on the page

Zoom in

Zoom out

Zoom to 100%

Navigation Shortcuts

Go to home page

Go backward

Go forward

Refresh page

Refresh page and the cache

Stop downloading page

Favorite center Shortcuts

Open Favorites

Open Favorites in pinned mode

Organize Favorites

Add current page to Favorites

Open Feeds

Open Feeds in pinned mode

Open History

Open History in pinned mode



Tab shortcuts

Open link in new background tab
Middle mouse button or CTRL+left mouse button

Open link in new foreground tab
CTRL+SHIFT+left mouse button or CTRL+SHIFT+middle mouse button

Close tab (closes window if only one tab is open)
Middle mouse button on the tab or CTRL+W

Open Quick Tab view

Open new tab

View list of open tabs

Switch to next tab

Switch to previous tab

Address Bar Shortcuts

select the Address Bar

Add "http://www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of text in Address Bar

Add "http://www." to the beginning and the website address suffix you have specified to the end of text in the Address Bar*

Open the website address that is typed in the Address Bar in new tab

View list of previously typed addresses

Instant Search Box

Select the Instant Search Box

View list of search providers

Open search results in new tab

To do this

Do this

Disable all add-ons Windows logo key + R > iexplore.exe –extoff
Turn on AutoComplete so that website addresses will be automatically filled in for you if you begin to type them again Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Use inline AutoComplete
Change how tabs work in Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > on the General tab, under Tabs, click Settings
Display the Menu Bar at the top of the screen

To display temporarily: press the ALT key
To display permanently: Tools > Menu Bar

Delete cookies, passwords, form data, history, and temporary Internet files Tools > Delete Browsing History
Find and install add-ons Tools > Manage Add-ons > Find More Add-ons
Print part of page Select part of the page you want to print, press CTRL+P, click Selection, and then click Print
Change website address suffix* Tools > Internet Options > Languages
Technorati Tags:
del.icio.us Tags:

Download the IE7 shortcuts PDF

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February 23, 2009

How to call c# function from the jQuery function

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There are remarkable amount of ways to call a c# function from the jQuery Function.

But I like to share the way, which I have known before few days for my project. It is really so simple than my expectation.

There is something referred as jQuery.ajax() request in the Ajax API in the jQuery. This request Load a remote page using an HTTP request and returns the XMLHttpRequest that it creates.

The request implementation is in the following code snippet.


type: “POST”,


cache: false,

data: “{‘arg’:'” +12 + “‘}”,

contentType: “application/json; charset=utf-8”,

dataType: “json”,

success: function(msg) { alert(“success”);



The type, url, cache and so on referred as “options”. To more options and more explanations, follow the link.


Here, the given url “MyPage.aspx/MyFunction” means the “MyFunction” Web Method in the “MyPage.aspx” web page.


public static void MyFunction(int arg)


//Put your code here


Here, I have not used any Web Services. I just used a c# Web Method Which is in the
web page. For this kind of Page Web Method implementation, static methods should be

January 1, 2009

Payment Gateway

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A Payment Gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that enables payments for e-commerce, which will help business entities to maximize their revenue. So entities can make their products available to the entire globe through their website.

Every business entity that wants to accept and process payments on the Internet is required to have two main things. They are

{1}Internet merchant account

{2}Internet Payment Gateway certified with their credit cardprocessor.

Definitions for some related words

Merchant Account

An Internet merchant account is a merchant account particularly approved for processing “card not present” sales.

Payment Gateway

An Internet Payment Gateway is a characteristic of a virtual terminal. It takes the credit card information from the Virtual Terminal to the credit card processor, and returns the approval information back to the Virtual Terminal.

Acquiring bank

An acquiring bank is the bank or financial establishment that accepts payments for the products or services on behalf of a merchant.

Issuing Bank

An issuing bank is a bank that offers card association branded payment cardsstraightforwardly to consumers.

Credit Card

A credit card is part of a system of payments named after the small plastic card issued to users of the system. It is a card entitling its holder to buy goods and services based on the holders assure to pay for these goods and services.

Get More idea watch this video

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