January 14, 2009

The front conference

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December 26, 2008

"able is the one that thinks that is able" think of it

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Always, contradictions, reveal the duality of the universe. It is said that we would never appreciate light without knowing darkness… The same corresponds also to our case: big vs small! Well, since we where kid (most of the paradigms finally start from that age) we were convinced to do something “big”… But we couldn’t even understand what is the difference between big and small, especially when in that age, even small things seamed to be sooo big!

In my mind there is still so vivid the first day in my life that I had a first ride with my bike without falling down!!! It seemed quite an accomplishment! I even went to my grandfather telling him proudly that I finally did!!! Well, he was also proud, but looking at it back now, it seams such a small indifferent event… Is it though small? I believe that such events are those that trigger us to move one in our life… the small details are those that make us trying to do something better in this lifetime… that makes us move on even in our darkest moments… that makes us successful!

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Introduction to world

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