January 10, 2009


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GDI is the abbreviation to Graphical User Interface. GDI is a way to work with painting graphic objects such as painting on windows, forms or other media. To write GUI application, you need to write some kind of visual interface in the form of windows and controls.

GDI+ is a higher level interface of GDI. GDI+ is an easy to use version of GDI. In GDI you need to identify the drivers and the devices to work with but in GDI+ you need not know anything about the devices used for display and printing of data.

GDI+ takes care of everything. Hence GDI+ is more sophisticated and flexible at the same time. This higher level API allows you to set some properties of the controls to get the task done, like changing the colors and fonts of a control.

Improved colors, anti aliasing support, gradient brushes, transformation, alpha blending are some of the features that have been added in GDI+. .Net provides some namespaces to work with GDI+. The namespaces like System.Drawing, System.Drawing.Design, System.Drawing.Printing, System.Drawing.Imaging, System.Drawing.Drawing2D and System.Drawing.Text are used for working with GDI+.

The necessary basic classes of GDI+ are provided in the System.Drawing namespace. Some of the classes of System.Drawing namespace are Bitmap, Image, Brush, Brushes, Font, FontFamily, Graphics, Pen, SolidBrush, and TextureBrush. The structures found in the System.Drawing namespace are Color, Point, PointF, Rectangle, RectangleF, Size, and SizeF.

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January 9, 2009


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jQuery is a fast and lightweight JavaScript that is also CSS3 compliant. It was introduced by John Resig on January 2006. jQuery is free and open source software.

In the jQuery official website, jQuery is expressed as jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.

jQuery emphasizes on the interaction between JavaScript and HTML. JavaScript is a language whereas jQuery is a library written using JavaScript. jQuery resides as a single JavaScript file, containing all the common DOM, Event, Effects, and Ajax functions.

It is compatible with many browsers. The jQuery framework is capable to be extended and very adequately handles DOM (Document Object Model) manipulations, CSS, AJAX, Events and Animations.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have announced plans to bundle jQuery on their platforms, Microsoft will be partnering with the jQuery team and shipping jQuery with Visual Studio in future. Also, jQuery intelligence annotation support will be available as a free web-download. At the same time Nokia will incorporate it into their Web Run-Time platform.

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